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Full Version: Rant here lol
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Just go on stupid rants here lol

For example, mine:

Why do people ship things? It's stupid. Like, half of every single fandom's so-called "romances" make no sense. Two people that hate each other's guts? SHIPPED! Two co-workers who don't even know of each other's existence? SHIPPED! Siblings? SHIPPED! Two guys (One not even human like what-) who don't show any romantic interest in each other in the slightest? REALLY BIG MASSIVE OTP SHIP! Like WHY!? WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS? IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE! Like BROOOOOOOOOOOOO...

Ok, have fun.
We need to stop Petro.

PetroVyrsyljak934 is a user who copies everyone's sequences and it pisses everybody off. A few weeks ago, some users came up with an idea to piss Petro off with this:

WHEN PETRO 😂😂😂😂 lmao😳moment😂🤣😎😍🤩

This pissed Petro right off and he said that he would ban everyone who would say it. But I came up with an idea and I made a sequence called #STOPPETRO. Hopefully this spreads across the entire website and hopefully Petro stops with copying everybody's sequences.
Why do people hate megalos so much!!!!! *Takes in big breath* I mean... like... *gets ready to blurt out* THEY'RE VERY AMAZING MUSIC AND THE FACT THAT NONE OF YOU LIKE THEM IS SOOOOOOOO OHHHHHHHHHH SOOOOOOOO STUPID!! *grunts confusingly and harshly* Your all just dumb people who don't even know what 10+23 is - its 33 by the way losers *puts hands on hips and smiles with ego* however, i think we need to stop making og songs on os and start making megalos together!!! Smile))) *starts thinking* but you all just would not get it, would you? you all are just - you all are just *takes in big air* YOU ALL JUST DONT GET IT, DO YOU? MEGALOS ARE THE TRUE BEST MUSIC ON OS *throws hands in air* YOU ALL JUST CANT SEE THE BEAUTY EACH AND EVERY MEGALO HOLDS, CAN YOU??!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? YOU ARE ALL JUST BIG FAT IDIOTS WHO CANT MAKE A LIVING ON OS *grins* EVEN I MAKE A LIVING ON OS - $40 A YEAR!! YOUR ALL SO DUMB AND IM THE BESTIE ONE OF ALL OF YOU *mic drop*