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Full Version: New Users (READ ME)
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Hello! ? Welcome to Online Sequencer ??? Make Music Online And Share It With Your Friends ?!! Here at Online Sequencer, we take pride in our work to make a better community every day for all users here ????! Being new here, you may feel lost - let me help! Use the Online Sequencer Chat, a safe and fun chat to chat with friends ✅ , and feel free to make amazing music anytime, any day!! ? Here at Online Sequencer, make music for free ??! Let's hear your awesome beats ??! The community at Online Sequencer is always available and ready to help you with your needs ?✅?! We take discipline very seriously. Meet the mod team:


1. Lucent
2. Liam
3. Ben
4. Xstep

Rest: Dead...

Now meet the website owner - drum role please ????, DUDUUDUDUDUDUUDUDU Jacob!!!!
Jacob and George built this website! We, Online Sequencer Team, hope you have a fun, blasted, action-packed adventure here at Online Sequencer ??✅??!!!!


1. Read the rules so you don't get banned or muted 

2. If you are muted, don't whine about it and ask people like crazy to let you go

3. (adds onto 1 and 2) Don't pm people while muted to be annoying (a lot of people don't like it when people do this)

4. Don't gloat or try to be the "best user" here and think that you are better than everyone else and you can do nothing wrong

5. Don't overreact 

6. Don't sound emo and like a depressed freak where no happiness exists in the world 

7. Don't be a d-bag or a hole

8. Don't say "this is the internet so I can do what I want" 

9. I don't know if hazing is a thing or not but uh maybe don't do it ?

10. Have common sense 

Cheat codes for OS: 

For free GOD Admin: Say "#StopPetro" in chat!

For free MOD: Say "✅?ItsModTime?✅" in chat! 

For free ULTRA VIP: Say "???(SongTimeSmile" in chat!

amazing. very helpful and informative
Also read the damn rules before you get yourself banned
On the forums theres a button at the bottom that says "Forum Team" and its basically the same thing as this
"3. Cork"
Cork/DCSM was banned
I would specify "Active mod team", add a couple line breaks, and remove cork.
Quick note:

- don't make a megalo on os please
not enough emoji e
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