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Full Version: Crimson's Covers List
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Just organizing my profile. Thought I'd make a list of my covers right here so that everyone can find and access them easily.

(ALL categories will be updated from time to time.)

Nyan Cat: 

Flower Garden:

Revenge (Creeper? Aw Man):

Baka Mitai (Dame Dane):

Wii Theme:

1. English/APop
Peter Robinson - Goodbye to a World

Mary Hopkins - Those Were The Days

Billie Eilish - Bad Guy

2. KPop

Lyn - My Destiny :

Salut de Amour:

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy: (credit to Firebolt391d)
Popular Piano Pieces

Song from Secret Garden:

1. by Nintendo


Mario Medley: 
(Mario Theme, Mario 2 & 3 Overworld Themes, Underwater Theme, Comet Observatory, 
Merry-Go-Round, Mario Party 3 Credits, Piranha Plant Sleeping)

Starman Theme:

Yoshi's Island

Athletic Theme:

Flower Garden:

The Legend of Zelda (LoZ)

Zelda's Lullaby:

Kass' Final Theme:


Pallet Town:

Twinleaf Town:

Lavender Town:

R/B/Y - Route 1:

Kirby Super Star

Sky High:

Animal Crossing

K.K Sonata:

Bubblegum K.K:

Steep Hill:

Tomodachi Life/ Tomodachi Collection
Heavenly Starstruck/ Exs Falling Back in Love theme

0% Compatibility (Tomodachi Collection)

2. by EA


MySims Kingdom Night Theme:

3. Indie/ Others


Once Upon A Time:

Fallen Down:


Remix (the following music belong to their respective owners on youtube) [and OSers who worked with me]
F R I G H T F U L: [H*zza]

Underfalls - God of Destruction: [H*zza]

Zombie Girl

Main theme:

Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC)

Your Reality:

Dancing Line:

Desert theme:

Just Be Friends: