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Full Version: I’m leaving OS.
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It’s been about 6 years that I’ve been on this site and I wanted to thank you all for making great sequences as well as thanking Jacob for fostering such a wonderful community.

Unfortunately I have some life matters to attend to and from this point on I have to be fully committed to studying in college. I feel that OS distracts me too much from what I have to do and for once I want to be responsible for my future.

Well, I usually don’t show it in the chat, but for the longest time I’ve had personal problems with some of the people here and often I felt that it would be better if I left. I acknowledge that the site in general has some infrastructural problems within the community and I feel a bit responsible (since back then I was responsible for the activity on the site).

I came to a realization that some of my behavior on the chat has influenced people negatively and I guess I should apologize for that. Not that it matters now, it’s been a problem for years and some of the people I should say sorry to are long gone.

I don’t have any future plans of updating the Lucent Tutorial as it’s also time-consuming for my schedule. But thank you to all of those who read and support the tutorial. It means a lot to me.

I’m going to ask Jacob to demod me so I’m not so tempted to return to the site as a moderator. Maybe I will come back every now and then to say hi, but I’m not going to have long visits.

I don’t regret any time I’ve spent here. I hope I’ve made a difference for the time I’ve been here. Stay safe and happy sequencing.


copypasta or fr
No!! You just can't leave us!

It would be so lonely and boring without you!!!

If this is true, and I'm inclined to believe this because you are going to college and won't have the time to deal with OS, then *****; who's gonna deal with the 9 year olds?

It's the end of an era, then. Life happens. Kick its ass and don't look back.

It was a nice three years with you around. Hope the community can find an ample replacement able to carry your legacy.
ew people are having emotions abt this
whatever floats your boat.
you have influenced os in more positive ways than negative
good luck in life Smile
Farewell. I wish you luck later in life, LucentTear, a lot of us will miss you, including me.
alright goodbye lucent, wish you luck on the rest of your life

(i feel like this is a joke a little though)
ok have fun
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