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Full Version: Claiming ownership of a sequence lol
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Just so no one else steals my "fame", the ongoing recreation of Led Zeppelin's "Ten Years Gone" is being done by me.
I'd hate to put this much work into something only to see someone else claim it first
Most recent version:
- owlbear slayer
While I understand you wish to claim your work, a better practice for this is to put your name in the title of the song you are making from very early in development of the song. When you build a sequence based on an already existing one, it leaves a trail. Then if anyone takes your song, more than likely they took your song and just slapped a different name on it. You can search through past versions of that song and find your own, thus proving its origins. In the case that someone takes hours to copy every note of your work from a seperate window, you are out of luck. Another thing, when recreating real songs, you must know that a couple people may have or may try to recreate the song, and might never know about your version of the song. Other times people will be inspired by your song and try their own take at the song you were recreating. Sometimes this leads to very similar sequences, and while this can feel like all your work is being stolen, I prefer to think of it as spreading your work throughout varying places of the online sequencer network. Many times yet, people will take your song and remix it. While these things can seem uncreative and anger you about your time being put down the drain, it is in fact none of these things. You can see some amazing remixes of your songs and better versions by other people and really this is creativity at its finest. You started something and over time people added things to it and perfected it. If this should happen to you, you should be proud. However if someone does simply take your song and slap their name on it, shame onto them. And this lecture from PoisonedPorkchop is over!
Alright, thanks for the advice. I'll keep this in mind for future.