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Full Version: why life sucks
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1. we eventually die.

everything we do comes to waste. because we die.

yup. we die.

2. racism

stupid dumb guy says "skin dark so stupid"

3. life sux

This is a narrow and closed minded view of life. All good things come to an end, but if the end is all you care about, you can have none of the good things
Saying that death makes life meaningless is like saying "this party is no fun because it's going to end later". Don't confuse teen angst with deep thoughts.
Rule 6 of my rules hahahahhahah "dont act like a depressed freak where no happiness exists in the world"
I personally disagree with the statement "everything we do comes to waste."

Every little action we do creates a ripple effect through time and space. This is called 'high dependence upon initial conditions', which is sometimes referred to as "the Butterfly Effect," and is a large topic within Chaos Theory. While it has a lot of mathematical applications and theoretical equations, this theory essentially develops that everything that ever happens in a physical system - and I will add, anything that anyone does - effects their entire surroundings, and will continue to have an effect throughout all of time. (I should add that nothing about the Butterfly Effect really has anything to do with social science, but for the sake of my argument here I am drawing out the idea of high dependency upon initial conditions and suggesting that it applies here as well.)

Think about previous generations in relation to you and your generation. You have learned the majority of everything that you understand from your parents and other adults. They learned those things from their parents, and so forth. Now you too have a responsibility to teach the newer generations about what you find to be important. Even though you will not be changing the entire world, you can at least change one person. And that one person will remember many of the things you said and did, and will carry that with them into later generations to come. One person's knowledge and understanding of the world can effect them and the people around them through social interaction, communication, work experience, and other complex social frameworks, in which multiple people who ever interact with that person end up changing their thought processes or their perception of the world simply based on having been near that person.

Also, consider science, technology, and other social reformations. Although you may not be a scientist, there may be a knowledge, skill, or thought process that you could posses that could be used for great new ideas (inventions, technologies, cultural movements, etc) that may be discovered in later generations. Even though you may never see what idea of yours inspired these groundbreaking ideas, you may indirectly effect someone who may then later indirectly effect someone else who will be involved with the idea. Although you cannot say that you were the one directly responsible, or credited for the creation of it, it will have never existed if it had not been for you. (And for your parents, and for their parents, and for their parents, and so on).

For example, would we be living in the same world right now if Albert Einstein's parents hadn't met? What level of science and physics would we be at currently? (Einstein's theories and predictions have been incredibly groundbreaking in the area of quantum physics, spacetime, and relativity.) My argument here is that we would be living in a completely different reality, with less understanding of the universe. A counter argument to this could be that 'someone else would have ended up discovering these same things eventually,' but I would argue that while this may be true, there is no way of truly knowing if that would be the case. For all we know, no one would have been able to figure out all of the ideas that Einstein theorized to this day.

However, the possibilities that do not exist are infinite, and yet there is only one true reality of this life that we know of. You may as well try to make this reality the best one possible for everyone - not just everyone today, but for all the generations to come.

Well anyway that's just my thoughts on this. I hope you understand this and that it wasn't too much to read. I write too much sometimes. ;-;
so what are you gonna do about it?
Unlock your doors