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Full Version: I Got Muted!!
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Angry I got muted for no reason! I was trying to be a child of God and was muted for being on my nestes bahavor!! Is webcite is bulcap and everyoe who liv hear shoud di!! I nevr askd to get mutd!!!!!!!
This is so true
hi. i just got muted for talkig about my dick!1!! whats wrong with my dick? are you jealous its bigger than yours? are you? is it because it because of the way my balls hang so sexily under my cock? huh? is that what? maybe you're just jealous milimeter peter.

go get a girlfriend to hump, virgin losorz!!!
Yeah this is also a joke thread in case anyone sees this and does not know that 😛
does my dick hang weird? does it?
hey come on guys ive done nothing to u
dude just stop
(04-02-2021, 05:48 PM)JesseMakesMusic Wrote: [ -> ]hey come on guys ive done nothing to u

You have violated my rules
I got muted for talking over the db limit