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Full Version: Win7 or Linux?
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I've been using Windows for a long time, since the 1990s. However, I really don't like what Windows has been doing lately with the Windows 10. I've heard of an open source operating system called Linux. I really do like open source stuff, do that got me interested. I have heard also that it has a lot more options in settings and stuff, which I do like. What makes me hesitant to try this Linux is that it seems to be much smaller in popularity in compatibility for apps and stuff, and it is supposed to be much more different to use, and I don't know whether that would be difficult to adapt to.

I love to try new things, however, and want to knpw of its worth my time to try the Linux,or if it is really complicated and impedes on habits I may be accustomed to with Windows. (I really like the start menu thing in windows, with the search thingy and the apps. I also really like having a file manager and a desktop with apps I can resize and drag about. I aldo really like how drivers for my external equipment installs automatically)
Currently I use my computer for word processing, DAW software, and occasional videogaming and very occasional videogame making
These days most popular apps are available on linux, though games are less well supported. But you can just check that every app and game you use has a linux version.

Btw, there's a million different versions of linux. If you're new to it, I recommend Ubuntu, since it's probably the easiest to install and use.
Definitely Linux (although unfortunately I use Windows 10 myself Sad )
Soon it may be that there will be no competition for Microsoft. Competition is the best that can exist for the consumer
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I installed Minty Linux. Should I have installed a different one?
I am into using windows in my work and entertaitnment. Linux is good for fame developing. I am active internet user and sometimes need to unblocked websites   because some of them are forbidden in my country.
(04-06-2021, 09:27 PM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]I installed Minty Linux. Should I have installed a different one?
No, linux mint is a fine choice. I've used it before, and it's quite nice. I only suggested ubuntu cos it's easy and very well supported (I had to stop using mint, and go back to ubuntu, because mint caused problems on my laptop). If you've got mint to work, and you're not having any issues, then that's all good. Mint is based on ubuntu anyway.
Easy, Linux.

Windows 7 isn't supported anymore Smile
I dont care if its not supported