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Full Version: develop the persona of the person above you
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This forum game may not be as simple, but I think it might be fun : ) lots of people here seem to have somewhat of a persona, with things they like, things that get on their nerves, favorite colors or textures, etc. I think it'd be fun to assume these about people and develop a personality for them.

Add funny things like what they do in their free time, where they might live, what they like to eat, or anything that might be relevant (or irrelevant). Have a good laugh.

 side note: Please don't take any of this seriously!!

I'll go first lol
steggy: blue stegosaurus, lives in sweatshirts. has horns to seem intimidating but is probably a big softie lol

might die of eating too many pretzels or chocolate in the next few decades

probably gonna travel back in time to the precambrian era to meet her frineds!

obsessed with sax as bass its probably unhealthy
You're probably a 12 year old kid who likes pizza. Idk what ur fav colour is, blue maybe. 5'8 and very depressed irl.
Bobby Crawford: You're probably in your late teens (prob 17 or 18) and live in a small apartment with a roommate or something; you drive an old, rusty 2001 Honda Civic, and most likely you go to college or some *****. Your real name is probably something like Richard Baker and your family must be Christian.
14 year old that likes dog
Someone who spends too much time in their room drinking energy drinks while chatting with random people online he doesnt even know, secretly sells stuff from his family on the black market. favorite color is blue cuz sonic. Likes to kick people whenever they dont thinks about things the same way he does. buys too much stuff online, half of it doesnt arrive. gets angry over stuff too fast and throws around stuff when he does
looks a little dutch, eats patat on the daily, plays minecraft while talking into the void even when there is no voice chat. 
his mask is the only thing keeping us from witnessing the horrors within
will live in moo moo meadows when he's 50.  Angel
Is in love with dogs
Kind person
Holds some sort of secret life...
plays electric guitar and likes to shred it during lunch break

has a lizard as a pet that likes to sit on his amp and feel som of the good vibrations B))

definitely lives in an apartment but maybe has a soft spot for fish or plants

has a lot of !os cousins
a 14 year old who is obsessed with dinosaurs and musics and is planning to destroy the world
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