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Full Version: "Climb the Wall" - Marysamat Lyrics
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Song Name: "Climb The Wall"

[Verse One]

Eyes staring up at a challenging sight;

Climbing a wall; many have failed.

Now a turn has come to take.

Empty-handed while others around are not;

Falling down every try; regaining strength - this is the endless cycle

Two Sides. Feet are on this baren soil.

Over the wall; lays the lush greens and blue skies.

While on this side; drought and famine take the land.

Trying to get out - the hope of leaving, trying to have your back.

This barren land holds unclean air.

Feeling the constant headaches all day.

This unclean air doesn't allow thinking;



Climb; build a latter.

The sweat on the hands.

A rushing mind;

Faith holding your back.

Don't let go of faith.

Always trust in it.

Trials are met.

Faith will help overcome this wall/.

Climb the wall.

Leave this barren land.

Let your eyes meet the new land;

Green lush - full of joy.

It will be achieved.

Keep holding on.

Your eyes will meet

This paradise.