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Full Version: (SOLVED) a way to use a C:// drive in a new computer without reinstalling Windows?
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I have a lot of apps and stuff on my old C:// drive I would rather not delete. Is it possible for me to somehow edit the system files of my old C:// drive and attach it to my new computer without reinstalling anything? I heard there may be a way to uninstall certain drivers to get it to work but I don't know much about the details of that. Currently when I plug in the hard drive to the new computwr and turn it on, it opens to the point where it shows the Windows7 logo and the little animation, but it does not make it far enough to reach the password entry. 

Related to this, is it possible also to switch between hard drives with different OSs frequently? I am using Linux Mint on this new computer right now and I like it, but its not compatible with a lot of my DAW VSTs.
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I don't really know what you mean. Are you saying you built a new computer?

If you plug in both drives you should be able to dual boot. Like, during start up, it should ask you which OS you want to boot.

I've never had a computer that didn't do this. Perhaps it's a feature of the BIOS, so if you have an old motherboard it might not be that automatic. If dual booting isn't working, you can just change the default boot device in your BIOS back and forth whenever you want to boot from a different drive. It's a bit of a hassle, but easier than swapping out the physical drive.
I did get a new computer, the C drive was in AMD before, and the new one is Intel
When I try to boot Windows7 on the new one, ot gets to the Win7 logo and does the little startup animation, but does not make it to the password entry screen or desktop
oooh, ok, so this isn't a dual booting issue. Yeah, sounds like your old windows install is missing an important driver for the new hardware. You can try repairing the windows install. I don't remember the details of how to do it, so you'll have to look it up. I think you'll need to use your windows install disk (or make one).

If that doesn't work, just backup the files you care about and reinstall windows.
Ok thanks!
If I install a new Windows 7 on a new hard drive, then copy and paste the drivers to the old hard drive, could that potentially solve the issue?
anyone going to reply to you?
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