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Full Version: Help With Mixing Tips
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Hello!! I have some questions/asking for tips on creating metal music.

Quick Background:

I started creating music back in August 2020 on Online Sequencer. I did not start to learn about mixing until about really just a month ago from Loypt while I create my songs on SoundTrap. I have learned a lot, and I am truly grateful for that as it has changed the way I will make music from now on!! 

However, I am still eager to learn!! If anyone has tips with mixing music and mixing tips with metal music, that would greatly help!! If anyone has tips with vocals, too, that would help!!

Mixing Tips:

Since I have been learning how to mix in the past month, here is what I know:
  1. Hard guitar panning - taking two different but similar-sounding guitars and panning them away from each other to create a more lively noise - (learned from loypt) (metal music) 
  2. Compression - still learning (mixing) 
  3. Eq - still learning (mixing)
  4. Vocals - still learning (mixing) (metal) (learned from loypt)
  5. High pass and low pass filter - beginner at this (mixing)
  6. Reverb Delay - still learning (mixing)
  7. Etc
Many of the things in that list I am still learning. If anyone has tips for me with mixing, that would be great!! 
If anyone has tips on mixing metal music, that would be great!!
If anyone has tips with singing metal vocals and basic vocal tips and mixing vocals, that would be great!! 

Some vocals things I'm trying to learn would be - fry scream, growl, normal voice with having my voice in tune, etc.

First focus on making the guitars sound perfect, then do the drums,bass, and vocals for metal. Working around the guitars is a good plan for metal
Also the guitars tend to eat your snare, so tryto pick longer snares and cymbals and stuff
(04-11-2021, 09:17 AM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]Also the guitars tend to eat your snare, so tryto pick longer snares and cymbals and stuff
That's happened to me before. Thank you!
You can try reverbs on the snare sometimes, I prefer a really ringy snare though,one than sounds like pffhaaang
A tip for reverb: if the reverb is pushing your instrument back too far in the mix, but it really needs a long reverb, try adjusting the predelay on the reverb.
Another thing you should do is cut away all the sound that cannot be heard on an instrument. This is usually the sub area, like below 100hz. If you have instruments that end above that, thats fine, go above that too. Tjis really helps clean up the low end on a dense mix
You don't want to do that on drums though, unless you have a linear phase EQ. EQs delay the sound a tiny bit when you use them, most of the time thats a good thing, but it willmske your drums sound weak and sucky
The BlGGEST tip I can give you probably is DO NOT OVERDO stuff. Mixing is best done with small adjustments as apposed to huge ones. Try not to do anything more than it needs
I am also searching for mixing tips online. Because my friend uses Online Sequencer to make music. He loves to make music online.