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Full Version: My second Reintroduction (And counting-)
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Hey there! Nightmares here. 

It's come to my attention that the mod team despises me! 

What else is new..?

Anyways, I just got falsely banned AGAIN about a week ago.

I was just tryna play Mario Kart with Larry :<

So, if I actually do something this time, t e l l m e.

Thank you, everyone.

Have an amazing day. 

- Nightmares

(P.S, is there a meaning beyond "No skateboarding" than the emoji? It was part of my ban reason-)
youd think after 4+ of your accounts get banned youd stop coming back, but no
Wait is this another alt account for you?
Sure, the mods can be irritable. But we all can be sometimes. "Falsely banned" seems like an oxymoron.
I am no mod, but I can tell you that it seems that most of the mods do not like to see someone with this many alt accounts. I would recommend that you stop announcing who you are every time you make an alt account, it just spams up the forums and makes mods more angry.

As for playing Mario Kart with Larry, can't you just do that in discord? Why does Online Sequencer have to be the site that you use to cling to? I might suggest making your own personal Mario Kart Discord server for this. Chat these days is becoming less and less relevant. Use Online Sequencer to make music. If you have any question about covering a song, or composing your own songs or something of the like, come on into OS chat, and we'll be happy to help.

Sorry, I don't mean to be disrespectful. Just something to think about ig ;-;
i cant get his discord when they banned me from theirs zzz
pseudo i'd really like it if you'd shut your trap for once thanks luv <3
not epic, ban evading + stealing part of my name >:(
parasomnia is the medical term for nightmare-
I can help you get larry's discord ID ;-;
im asking to get the account banned anyway soo bye
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