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Full Version: The alignment game
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So basically, you pick the alignment of the person above you.
Alignments: (if you don't already know)

Lawful Good  Social Good  Neutral Good  Rebel Good  Chaotic Good

Lawful Moral  Social Moral  Neutral Moral  Rebel Moral  Chaotic Moral

Lawful Neutral  Social Neutral  True Neutral  Rebel Neutral  Chaotic Neutral

Lawful Impure  Social Impure  Neutral Impure  Rebel Impure  Chaotic Impure

Lawful Evil  Social Evil  Neutral Evil  Rebel Evil  Chaotic Evil
Chaotic Moral
I say you are Rebel Moral, simply because you didn't put the alignment image in and just made messy text instead. Such a rebel.

[Image: gmdndmhkhdv.jpeg]
Lawful good