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Full Version: LucentTear's Hidden Obsession
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Hello. First off by reading the title, you must think I am a fool or that this is fake. I assure you though, I am risking a great deal to gift you with this information. On Online Sequencer, everyone knows LucentTear as the mod who is cold to those who are annoying but is generally a nice person. This is false. LucentTear has a hidden obsession, a violent, cruel one. It all started back in 2020, when lucent was starting to cook. All of her food always looks to be so good but there is a reason, a shocking reason. LucentTear is putting very small children into her food and then a small bit of her hair. I know I sound crazy, but I'm not. Ever wonder why Lucent's food looks so happy? That's because that was the happiness of the children. No-one knew about this expect Lucent, Celt, Muh, and Waf. They are also known as, Lucents Lovers. They are not though, they are diversions. Celt, Muh, and Waf are the people who find children. I think they will grow a family with lucent and use those children. I cannot say how I found this all out. What I can say is this, we are all in danger. We must spread this info. We must find the cure. We must stop the hidden obsession. 

what lol
This must be related to the shocking truth behind the OS monthly contests as well.

We may be on to something bigger than anyone had ever expected...
Um ok thanks.
it is true
Sadly, this is true and we must stop it