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Full Version: What's The Origin of Your Username?
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It's always interesting to know why people chose a particular name for themselves online.

Long story short, "cosmicPython" comes from Ophiuchus, the zodiac sign I would have if I didn't think it's completely useless and throws off almost all of the (relative) principles of the signs, so I use Sagittarius instead.
I typed trapbeat because i like trapbeats and i just spammed the numbers
i kinda made my username because i was new to the concept of music, and also my birthday is march 25, hence the name, "NoobOfMusic25"
I used to play a flash game called Valthirian Arc (the first one) and Lucent was the name of one of the starting characters. Back then I used to be really fascinated by glowing anime tears so I just kinda put two and two together.

Nowadays I just keep the Tear part of the name for identification, but I'm just fine going by Lucent.
im calico!
So it all start back when i was 16, playing cod ww II with my girlfriend, she gets really hyper when she plays games but anyway she stands up for a second and basically i put my thumb in her butt because she sat down. Anyway thats not the reason for the name its because of my 3 year old son that this name exists, i cant sleep because he doesnt sleep.
haha fork funny
i'm nari!
I'm an alt, and the Xy McXFace pattern never gets old
I had to come up with a Paladin character name for Everquest back in 1999, and this made the list. My PFP is also from that game, minus the animation part that I added.

I'm not Russian, and I don't speak the language. It's just a name I picked that really didn't have any stigma at the time. This was the late 90s, after the Russians stopped being the boogeymen all the time, and well, before they started again.
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