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Full Version: What was the worst thing that you have experienced on Online Sequencer chat
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What was the worst thing you have experienced on this website's chat, or on this website in general? 

Haven't been here long enough, but jake was pretty bad.
a talk the other day about porn
i shuddered a lot
Im not sure, but I've been muted around 3 times, and banned once. Maybe when someone was spamming but I dont know.
When this one kid tried to get me banned and muted, that was very stupid
I had that same thing that trapbeat349 had.
i also had the same thing that trapbeat has
I remember a day where everyone was madly badly hackle haggy horny and was just going baggy saggy taggy raggy maggy saggy laggy pic poe paggy horny. There was so much talk about cum dumb bum sum lum big boe lots of cum was spoke of that day. Viku was in chat too
(04-23-2021, 10:16 AM)Benvisions Wrote: [ -> ]I had that same thing that trapbeat349 had.
Sounds worse than a 9-year-old trying to get me banned.