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Full Version: How to make a song
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I want to make a Taylor swift song in here but how do i know the right notes.
on the bottom right of the sequence editor page there should be "add audio track"

get an mp3 of the song and add it

look up the song's bpm too
place the notes on the grid idito
see? hes probably sequenceing righ!now!!!

we did it reddit
Also read LucentTear's guide
For me, I would pay attention first to the rhythm. Make sure it really is in 4/4th tempo (most pop songs are, but Taylor can switch things up every now and then).

I also like to match my sequence tempo with the song. You can use an online click-based tempo finder, just tap your mouse to the beat and it will give you a good average tempo. Matching the tempo might make it easier to follow along later on.

Next, I listen to the song. Expand your point of view, tune in to the different parts that are in the song. It helps me personally to listen to just one part at a time.
I like to first listen to the bass, expand my mind toward the low frequencies. If I hear multiple parts in the low end, I pick one. For example, I might hear a bass line along with a pattern of chords. The bass line is simpler, and is usually easier to copy down to OS. The chords will be harder.

Simple Notes like Bass Notes
Go ahead and go through the entire song with just copying down the bass notes. Or at least a few good measures. (I'm using bass notes as an example, or use whatever you hear that is easy to follow). Also, another thing to note here: when copying down notes, I personally like to try to match the instrument up with the timbre of the note that I hear in the song. This doesn't always work well, as OS only has a limited number of instrument options, but it can help to remember which part is what.

Once you have the bass notes down for a good amount of time, go back to the beginning and do the same with the chord pattern part. Chords will be naturally more difficult. Try to pay attention to one note at a time, just as before. Generally I will try to do each chord at a time. Pay attention to what note you hear at the very top of the chord, this one is usually easier to hear. Then listen again to the chord. What note is at the bottom? And then, can you hear the notes in the middle? Does it sound like the chord is made up of three notes, or four? Or five?

Once I am happy with the other parts (and I may not be, as sometimes I may not be able to get a chord down until I've listened over and over again), the last thing I do is place the melody down. (Sometimes I do the melody first, but generally I save it for last). Sometimes a melody will have a counterpart or harmony to it. Generally I like to do the main melody part first before trying to add the harmomy.

Just some ideas, maybe this helped to open your mind.
This may not work for you. Idk. Either way, starting out with a simple or rough version of it that lacks detail is okay. And eventually, as you listen to it again, you might be able to pick out more detail. Either way, I hope this helps.