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Full Version: History of KannaKandy
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[Time for another pointless thread]

What happened to me?

Where did my empathy go?

What made me the bad ***** I am today?

Shut up, that doesn't matter.

You're here for a history lesson

September 2020 [The first time I used OS]
I made megal0vania on grand piano, which personally, sounded really good for my first sequence.
I shot for the big song immediately after that, and tried making Undertale from Undertale
I didn't do perfect, but again, it was pretty good for my second sequence
It's honestly surprising that I was able to do all of that with what little experience I had.

October 2020
I made a Megalo Strike Back Halloween sequence, before making a piano version of that
I also finished making the first Licht Und Schatten piano piece.
Again, surprising I was able to do that.

November 2020
I started playing around with more instruments, and soon made some pretty amazing pieces, my first One-Winged Angel cover included
It's too bad that this was also the time I started stealing other people's sequences.
I had a lot of potential then.

December 2020
I decided to stop stealing, and try making a couple of things of my own.
I aspired to become a MIDI artist by that point.
Soon, one of my friends invited me to their discord server, where I met someone named Bakuda, who had a job in MIDI composition.
He gave me some tips, and set the course for creating the sequences I have now.

January 2021
I made the cuss word song. What a way to start the year.
I began to use musescore, but that didn't work out.
After all this time, I never noticed a chat feature on OS, so I clicked on it, and started typing.
I was a real asshole in chat back then.
Soon enough, though, I warmed up to chat, and chat warmed up to me.

February 2021
I decided I wanted to be more social in chat, so that's what I did.
I began sharing sequences and talking to the users there.
It was nice then.

March 2021
I met notey, but that's not important
I started making more dense sequences as I learned more about how to use everything.
I pretty much abandoned note stacking for velocity, markers, and 8-bit.
Around this time, I started sustaining orchestral instruments with sawtooth, sine, and triangle.

April 2021
I learned about instrument combos, and started simping for Demonic Noob.
Then I caught Covid.

May 2021
I still have Covid.
I'm still making cool stuff, though.
I also found out that I have about 80 OWA arrangements, which is... just whoa.

Welp, that's the history of KannaKandy
yes, you started simping for someone you met on here in chat
Simping for online people? Geez.