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Full Version: [Forum Game] Story Writing on OS
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Suddenly, an anthropomorphic fox jumps out of the melting car. "Stop!" shouts the fox.
Nari made acid rain and the fighters used an umbrella and the frogs got attacked by 150 HP. Ben said, "Larry! The car died." Larry then used mage powers to get the car back from dying.
The fox runs up to Larry. "Wait, aren't you that guy who wants to save our country?", the fox says.
Johnald Trump asked, "Are you guys okay?" They all said, "Just fighting some frogs."
Nari says, "it wasn't me who caused the acid rain! I just pointed it out!" and grabs his acid proof giant umbrella.
Nari exclaims, "Quick, everyone get under!"
The acid rain killed the frogs.
surprisingly, the frogs had a powerful mage frog, and it created a big metal suit that all the frogs combined could operate
The fox sees Johnald. "WAIT, IT'S JOHNALD!!"
woah, theres like 2 different stories rn
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