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Full Version: [Forum Game] Story Writing on OS
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(05-10-2021, 12:36 PM)nari Wrote: [ -> ](Partially NSFW)

As Nari was jacking off he heard a scream. Larry had found a snake!

Can we censor NSFW stuff?
Nari shoots himself, and dies.
The nari stuff is censored.

Nari dies. Larry, Johnald, and Ben went to the door. They have a microwave, TV, and a game room.
Larry decides to bring the fox back to life.
And this time, it was a friendly fox named Jordon. The fox would help in battles when Larry and Ben needed help.
The next morning:
After Ben and Larry got out of bed, Ben's iPhone was ringing, bentoonie called Ben and Ben said "bentoonie we want a new scientist because nari died. Will you help?" bentoonie said "Yes!" When Ben and Larry went to Larry's car, they saw bentoonie and then they gave him the science bottle that nari used to have.
Jordon awakes from his slumber and stretches. "Could I show you guys my homeland here?" he says.
Ben said "Yes," Jordon says that he lives 3 minutes from the hotel. Then, Larry and the two Bens went in the car to go find breakfest.
Benvisions asked, "larry are there any good breakfast restaurants in the Netherlands?" Larry said "probably, I'm not sure though lol" bentoonie saw a good restaurant shortly after.
Larry and Ben drive around until they surprisingly find an IHOP.
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