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Full Version: [Forum Game] Story Writing on OS
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However, the IHOP was overrun with trolls!
They went in to get eggs and pancakes. When Bentoonie, Benvisions, and Larry got out of IHOP they saw some monsters and the first battle of the day started.
Wait cosmic can you mod the rule of 5 sentences max because battles take more than 5 hits. Change that rule into "If it's a battle log, than you can use a list of attacks that they used"
Bentoonie, Benvisions, and Larry have to battle a scary monster with 2000HP. Benvisions and Larry are in level 2, which means they have 1250 HP.
Battle log for scary monster
1. Benvisions did a jump sword attack for 100 HP
2. Larry uses fire for 120HP
3. Bentoonie used a glitch for 50HP (Totals 170HP: 2000-270=1630)
4. A scary monster attacks them all for 60HP (1250-60=1190 and 1000-60=940 (bentoonie))
5. Larry strikes fire for 100HP
6. Benvisions did a series of attacks for 200HP
7. Bentoonie uses a poison bottle to poison him for 1 turn.
8. Larry made thunder for 120HP
9. Benvisions did a jump sword attack 310HP
10. Bentoonie did a blackhole for 240HP (1630-970=660)
11. A scary monster does 500HP damage on all of them (1190-500=490 and 940-500=400 (bentoonie))
12. Benvisions did a series of attacks to kill the enemy.
Any changes needed?
trapbeat349 walked in with a bomb vest and blew up the room, everyone survived
Benvisions asked Trapbeat349 "Do you wanna fight in? We are being under attack."
I say no and grab a green garbage truck with a whatsapp logo on each side filled with popcorn and say "I'd rather watch"
Okay. Bentoonie, Benvisions, and Larry moved on.
I proceed to unholster a shotgun and point it at Benvisions telling him "Stop roleplaying as other people its weird"
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