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Full Version: [Forum Game] Story Writing on OS
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The people in the news said. "Trolls and monsters are taking over the Netherlands."
"Larry!" Johnald yelled, "I need you to kill these men with your Dutch Majyyks, now!"
Then, Johnald booked a flight to the Netherlands to go in a few days.
While all the action is going on, Fat Cheese Man the giant is sitting under a tree reading a book, a missile from one of the enemies explodes near the tree and sets it on fire.
Fat Cheese Man makes a grunt, which actually means "Aw sh!t!" in Trollese.
In a fit of rage and anger, Fat Cheese Man uproots the tree and throws it at where the missile came from.
3 days later: Johnald, Larry, and Ben got a pass and went to a plain to land in the Netherlands. Larry told Johnald and Ben how to speak Dutch during the plain ride.
(im gonna animate this...wait idk how to animate....oh well)
in this moment of battle, jonald and ben forgot someone on the battle lines: LARRY.
(guess ill make it a poorly made comic)
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