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Full Version: [Forum Game] Story Writing on OS
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Fat Cheese Man obliterates the Lamborgini with his giant foot.
"Oww!!" bellows Fat Cheese Man. He stomps the Lamborghini flat. The Whatsapp drip stops playing.
Then Ben asked Larry if he is okay. Larry said yes.
Fat Cheese Man's foot crushed the Lamborghini into the road creating a big dent with a smashed car in it.
The map leads onto a nearby highway. Larry and Ben get in a ...
and then the random passer-byers were like, OWO
Larry and Ben get in a car that larry bought.
They see Fat Cheese Man standing in the road
Larry and Ben got out of the car and the battle begins. They have 1000 HP and the enemy has 1500 HP.
then a kid wearing a dark grey cape asked larry for his autograph.

"sure" larry said, "who for?"

"oh, for Phantom"

*skrrible skrrible*

"ok, there u go, bye Phanto-" but the kid had vanished.
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