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Full Version: [Forum Game] Story Writing on OS
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Glowing green with his head above the clouds Fat Cheese Man gets very confused on what's going on.
But Larry stopped it. Then, he did an attack for 300 HP.
Fat Cheese Man starts glowing even brighter, a nuclear shock wave gets released from his body.
Fat Cheese Man was damaged by 600 HP as of now. Then Ben did a jump sword attack for 75 HP. Nari used a glitch power for 50 HP.
Larry then makes three extra shadows of himself to confuse Fat Cheese Man.
Fat Cheese Man lets loose a giant fart of radioactive waste and floods the city in poison gas.
Fat cheese man swells up and explodes, I'm leaving lol
this is real confusing
Larry's three shadows all did 45 HP damage for 135 total damage.
Fat Cheese Man explodes and dies.
nari did an explosion power to kill the rest of his HP. The battle was done. But, the adventure isn't over yet. Many enemies were still in play.
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