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Full Version: How reliable are you? And who would you rely on?
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In order to better understand this community, and the quality of 'friendship' (because why not), I've decided to ask how reliable you are/can be, and who you'd rely on the most.
Then, answer "who do I find least reliable?".
For me, I think I'm a pretty good source of information.
I'd rely on fox the most. Although that's probably because his username was the first I saw. Also, he's not stupid.
I find the children of OS unreliable. Because they are children.
i am reliable in terms of secret keeping but double check information you get from me

i've divided most of the userbase into two categories. one i wouldn't rely on to find their way out of an empty room [most people who use chat during school hours]. the other i would trust with my life and all my posessions [everyone else].