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Full Version: Storytime: why i'm obsessed with one-winged angel/sephiroth
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okay so final fantasy vii has the best characters, villains, and plot of any game i've ever played, which says a lot, seeing as I played first finished the game about 11 years ago. up to date, nothing has been able to hold a candle to how much i love the game and it's contents.

i think sephiroth was the best villain in any video game i've played, and i still stand by that claim. his character, backstory, personality construction, motives, all of it is simply golden. every time i see something final fantasy vii related, i get excited because there's more development for him, which just turns him into an even better villain.

now, there's not much to say about one-winged angel, but here's the main reason why i'm so obsessed with it. about 5 years ago when i played final fantasy vii for the second time, and was able to understand the music and visuals better, i fought sephiroth again. then... Supernova happened. one-winged angel was at the perfect point to make the entire sequence ten times more dramatic and impactful, and just seeing that, i became absolutely obsessed.

so there you go. now you know why i simp for sephiroth.
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I heard Witcher 3 also has a great plot and story too, worth a czech out
(05-21-2021, 11:59 AM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]I heard Witcher 3 also has a great plot and story too, worth a czech out
Beautiful story.

Now admit that I was the one who played it first
What is this poll.
What happens if you crap somebody else's pants
(06-03-2021, 09:52 AM)LuminousKR Wrote: [ -> ]What happens if you crap somebody else's pants

that should be your new signature tbh