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Full Version: Increase Bass Range
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A few sequences I've made or plan to make would benefit greatly from an increased range that the bass instrument can go, specifically higher than B3, which is the current max. Something like going up to E4 or even G4 would be nice.

Wow 10 poll options is a lot.
Yes. Very yes.
Added one more octave.
Many thanks Jacob!
Gosh darnit, the increased bass range ruined some of my songs since I write my name with bass >_>
I know. I really hate that.
Ah shoot I did not think of that. Perhaps using low pitch violin notes would solve this.
Spelling your name in your song may look good, but is no longer necesarry due to profiles being visibly linked to songs.
Yeah but my old songs now don't sound nice with this though Tounge
jay2k, you a free to edit them, 5 second and click the save button, Bam youre done, considering you have maybe 15 songs with your name, it will take 5 minutes,
its not a huge deal Tounge and just write your name in the title or with low violins or something