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Full Version: Why are some things heavy?
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You can drop a nail or a McDonalds addict from a roof and they both will hit the ground at tge same time, but it takes a lot more force to throw a McDonalds addict to the top of the roof than the nail. Why does it feel like some objects have a stronger acceleration when thry clearly don't?
Because gravity is gravity and mass is there and [insert more science I don't know]
Thats funnny I mean you write the funfact and set your link under this. its funny C=
Things are heavy because nobody asked
The gravitational force on an object is proportional to its mass. That's why heavier stuff feels heavier. But more mass also means you need more force to accelerate it. Those 2 effects perfectly cancel out, which is why everything experiences the same acceleration due to gravity (ignoring air resistance).

Mathematically, gravitational force = mg, and F=ma, so mg=ma, the m's cancel out and you end up with a=g~=9.8m/s^2
Thanks Liam!
mass, and one of newton's laws i don't remember the number of. all actions have an equal response, equal to the object's mass. AKA, an object with more mass is pulled to the ground harder because it has more mass, and one with less mass isn't pulled as hard.