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ayo B) 
something else im genuinely curious about

what are ur origin stories? this can be any combination of the following questions (but its not limitefd to these like make ur own questions too)

howd you find the site?
howd you create your username/what does it mean to you?
how did you grow, or when did you use chat, or really what led you here rn?
(any people you'd like to count as inspirations?)
(more questions here??)

it can be funny or serious or idrk make it some dramatic play do whatevr floats ur boat
title creds to bentoonie B)
ok so it all started when i was 8 and i had no idea what a daw was so i just searched "online music maker" and found this and i had never seen anything like it before, like this site in 2014 was really impressive to me. so the first thing i do is make this legendary canon in d cover  and now im here

my username dates back to like 2011 when my dad made me an account for toontown, which is this old and now dead disney game wooo, the name is pretty nostalgic tho

i didn't know chat existed until 2020 and i wish i still didn't know it existed

my first inspiration was probably jay2k because he mightve been the only recognisable name back in 2014 where accounts were basically unheard of lol, but in recent times i get inspiration from everyone around me so i guess my style is kind of a mashup of everyone else here

thank you for readi
found the site through vsauce3
picked this username because i was just browsing urban dictionary (they call their usernames "pseudonyms") and i had a moment of unparalleled genius
i mostly arranged video game music until i hit that funky little chat button this past february, then shit hit the fan
i'd like to credit fellowfork for becoming active in chat before me even though i found the site before him lmao
i'd also like to credit syntax for existing
i love you syntax
howd you find the site? = i have no idea i probably found it off google
howd you create your username/what does it mean to you? = i didnt intend to use the site so i just wanted it to just be some stupid throwaway name
how did you grow, or when did you use chat, or really what led you here rn? = sequence wise i think i have grown through winning space race and chat was one of the 1st things i used i think. my sequences were not good and tbh i still think they could be better now
inspirations = idk whoever i thought was good at the time
my story isnt orange is it allowed
howd you find the site? music teacher reccomended
howd you create your username/what does it mean to you? nari = online name
how did you grow, or when did you use chat, or really what led you here rn? idk what led me here but i'd like to thank the benvisions, bentoonie, benjo, lucent, xavier, fox, jacob, puzzle, darkblade, imnew, pseudo, steggy, calico, jv, meem, kanna, dnoob, noobofmusic, shoto, vlad, tibb, syntax, sarkos, jimbo, and so many other people

I googled online music maker
1.) I was actually looking for an online piano to screw around with friends, and found OS and got a bit more than what I was looking for, so I played around for a week or 2 then made an account.

2.) "MeeM" or some variation of it is the username I use on almost every platform, and that was taken so I slapped Sequencer at the end and boom.

3.) I was in chat pretty often, got advice from people on what worked and what didn't and stuff like that. My oldest music sucked dick so I think I've gotten a bit better. Mostly just through time / trial and error.

Lopyt and Syntax were pretty huge inspirations for me so I'd like to thank them here
epic steggy in preschool learned piano and i was pretty stacked at it (jk not really), until around grade 1? ish? i started to mess around with writing one line tunes on the piano. i was like WOAH this is so much more based than playing sonatinas and i was and forever will be a sucker for cinematic/emotional music so i started to take my songs in that direction.

1 year later and ive written some stuff but im musically illiterate so its stored in my massive brain. our elementary school music teacher lets anyone who plays piano showcase whatever piece theyre learning in class, so my intelligent self popped off and played what is now aquamarine(yeah), my music teacher was like swag i dont recognize that who wrote it and i was like UM bACH oR SOMEthiNG since i was embarassed and wow im just really cool at this point

fourth grade rolls around and im playin som golf over the summer, epic coach gave the tiny tot fourth graders all nicknames.  i BEGGEd him for a nickname and he was prob fed up with me but i wanted a nickname since it would make me cool D:
finally after a solid 10 seconds hes like ykw u look like a stegosaurus im calling you steggy for short
and i was like HUH THATs SO BAD WHY IS THAT MY NICKANME >> : ((( BAN but hes like welp u asked for it, my nicknames always stick and i was like HA this one wont since BAD

it stuck.

ok here we are today

im a pretty epic gamer and i enjoy to play minecraft, i build for a few servers. the main server im workin on is an rpg, and were trying to get a really immersive experience - like music, full lore, custom coding, all that. this one guy (yo it craft??) had been using onlinesequencer for years and he sent us a soundtrack to check out for the server. my mind was blown since i was strugglin at making wacked string quartets and orchestral stuff

<-- awesom sequence for minecraft

i was like DaNG thats are pretty swag what is that website?? and so steggy OS became a thing. i made my first sequence that day, and i literally streamed it on discord [wow what a nerd] it took like 3 hours so yeah im just here now

i looked up to crafts stuff - i started to make some ambient soundtracks for the minecraf server B)

then i clicked chat button and met a ton of people - started to really look up to vlad, asdf, and notey right off the bat then vlad was like woah steggys stuff is pretty cool u should enter contests! and it went uphill from there.

plug for craft: thansk for inspiring me and showing me all ur stuff, you def shouldve made an acc sooner but pls make marimba solo and dudu playlist : )
If you want music, I can probably help mix it, and synthesize sound effects!
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