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Full Version: Minecraft
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Which Minecraft Edition do you find superior?

Bedrock (Modern Consoles)

Java (Simp Edition)

Legacy Console (Nostalgia Chad Edition)

Education Edition (Why the ***** are you here?)
bedrock 69420%
bedrock, duh
It seriously depends on your preferences.
Bedrock is more fleshed out because it's the more popular version, but Java is open-source and a lot of players use it for the nostalgia or originality, that being the original version.

Education Edition is, well... questionable.
if bedrock didn't exist, ben 10 or sonic wouldn't be there (sonic is coming this year
It kinda depends on what you grew up with
I like playing Minecraft on my computer
I still use java edition, does that make me a simp?
PC master race motha*****as