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Full Version: I’ve been banned?
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Capsort here, apparently I’ve been banned. Not sure why and none of the buttons on desktop show me any more info. Anyone know where I can go to find out the problem?
You may have been too annoying. Let us fix that problem
How does one “be too annoying”. Is that a chat thing or…
So I took another look at your problem, Capsort, I know this helps, reset your computer. Go back to Online Sequencer and try to log back in. If it does not work, it means your account is resetting. Wait about thirty mins and try again. If it does not work, repeat.
Just tried resetting, still didn’t go through. I’ll wait the 30 minutes but the site is telling me I’m already logged in the minute I get into OS. I try hitting the log out button but it still says I’m logged in as Capsort
It shows you as not being banned. I think something is wrong with your user or pc
For now, maybe use cap as an alt until you get it figured out
Will my sequences be saved at least?
Well, your account is on Online Sequencer. Yes, but you cannot get into that account. So, you cannot access your sequences. Sorry about that Sad
you got banned? how many times?
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