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Full Version: Favorite Computer Language?
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I'm a real sucker for JavaScript which a lot of people would call me lame for (maybe you're right), but (if ya got one or think one is coolest) what is your favorite?
My favorite is definitely C, an absolute nightmare to work with, and to learn, but the end result... ah yes, gotta love how fast your program will run!
Python for quick scripts, and C++ for serious stuff. Oku will replace both for me when I finish it Wink
I use bash most often
Hmm, I plan on learning Haskell and C. However, at the moment I can only do shell scripting lol.
I like lua (roblox) but i still script in scratch
Python, but I plan on learning C#
Sinclair BASIC because it was my first. It will always hold a special place in my heart, but overall favorite?

8086 ASM because of how close you get to be to the processor. Every clock cycle is a luxury. It's the ultimate DIY programming. Want to move the mouse? Time to write a mouse handler. Assembly taught me to respect everything that's going on inside the computer.

Nowadays it's all C# and PowerShell, on the rare occasion that I get to actually do some coding/scripting instead of being in meetings all day. I do use PS now like the way we used to use BASIC; a teaching tool, something to whet people's appetite. It's great when you first see it click, first see that spark light up in someone's brain. You can really change the course of someone's life that way. I'm not an instructor or anything but in my spare time I've managed to help a bunch of people from crappy $15/hr jobs into high paying careers over the last decade. So maybe PowerShell is my favorite now?
8086 ASM is my favirote.!
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