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Full Version: Favorite Kind Of Pizza
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This is just for me to know what pizza people like, for me, it is the giant square pan pizza from this place on the OSU campus called Adriatico's.
Pizza Hut and Dominos Pizza.
I make my own pizzas to my taste, I can make one and send the repice if you want
For my taste a medium is good, to maintain the figure.
pineapple... jk
I like plain cheese pizza, just mozzarella, 4 cheese, any type of cheese tbh as long as mozzarella is in the mix, as for ordered pizza fresh out of the oven, 7 Eleven, NOT DOMINOS HOLY ***** THEIR PIZZA SUCKS ASS, Vochelli's, I guess I'm down for Little Casers if I'm in the mood, and for store bought I prefer Wild Mike's, Red Baron, Tony's pizza, Take and Take, and that's about all. I prefer all my pizzas to remain circles, gotta keep it's iconic shape.

Homemade pizza is bomb af though, nothing dethrones that

Also, you gotta make sure the pizza is crispy gold, the cheese has to be stretchy and chewy, and the crust has to be stuffed and have an extra crunch
Bacon pizza is pretty cool

with a few other toppings
southern style bbq