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Full Version: Precise Settings
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It would be fabulous if I could enter precise settings on any slider without having to use the console. Perhaps if you hovered over any slider it would show the exact number, then if you right clicked it you could just manually enter a number.

Let's say that you want to pan a violin -25 left and a cello 25 right exactly.

Also, if you are using the same combination of instruments often, you can read the exact mix settings from one sequence and just pop them into another. I used to be able to do this when text files were around, just copy the instrument header from one and plunk it into another, same mix in 5 seconds. Now that text files are gone, can't do that anymore. Now that the mixes have so many settings, if you find something that you like you want to copy it, enter it precise instead of earballing it the next time that you want the same sound.

Right now the only way to do this is through the console which is tedious with get and set statements and you need a setting template to know what you're doing. Yes I'm doing this, but it would be so simple to just click-click-type no?
emekat a lot of work is required.
Far less work that writing a new automation UI. Wink
console commands arent difficult once you have them down, besides, its only one shortcut to open it
Oh. Okay.
You never actually need this precision with music though
(06-20-2021, 07:50 AM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]You never actually need this precision with music though

It's an art. How precise it needs to be is up to the artist. Wink
Its a lot more efficient to do it by ear, and you get better results that way
So what is your point? Are you trying to say that OS would be worse for having this feature?
I agree in general it would be nice to know how much I'm changing something when I change it. It seems especially for a Detune control, it would be nice to know, without needing to listen, how many semitones I'm changing pitch by.

I can imagine a lot of situations where precise control would be useful. Some people won't need it, but some people will; it depends what people are trying to do with OS, but if everyone can have what they want, that seems like the ideal scenario to me. Making finer control possible doesn't take anything away from the people who wouldn't use it.
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