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Full Version: How to write titles in music
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Hello. I want to give my opinions on what I do for writing titles in music. I am writing this because I feel I can give off some tips to help others who struggle to write their own titles. 

Everything I say is my opinion. Just know that

First off, in order to understand how we can write a title. I think that we need to look at an important element which is the emotion. I feel too many people will focus on skill rather than focusing on emotion. I feel this is a big mistake as the song can just feel boring. There is nothing to the song. We need emotion in music to understand the title. You can use lyrics to understand the title. However, on Online Sequencer, a lot of the songs have no singing. Focus on emotion more rather than your skill. 

Second off, once we have more emotions in our piece, I think we need to look at what is the song actually saying to us.
For example: lets say your song is about feeling happy and jolly and then you complete it and it sounds more happy with a little bit of sadness, then I think your title should have something to relate to the happy and sad feeling. Do not call your song Sunflowers if your song sounds depressing hahah. 

Next, choose things that are not generic. Many titles are generic and boring. Lets go back to the happy but kinda sad song, lets say the tones and emotions in it are: happy, sad, worried, joy. It's a little mood swingy haha. I would choose something like "The Sunlight in Thunder" or something of that nature. I just woke up a little bit ago so I can't think of many titles but here is what I'll try to think of: "Seed in Dead Soil"

Finally, make sure your titles are not annoying or spammy because for me, I think it gives the wrong impression. When I see someone just putting in a rude title, I find that to just be annoying and rather not listen to the song. 

I'll keep adding to this!!

i just ask chat
i usually name shit before i compose
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