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Full Version: Oops GPU not working :(
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My GPU hit the bottom of my case and caused a spark, then it is not detected by my computer, not even in BIOS. The sparking happened at the part of the nVidia GeForce 460 GTX SE where the two power things from the power supply connect on the side of the GPU. The slot it goes in seems to be OK since my other GPU runs in it. The fan on the 460 GTX one still spins when plugged in but it isn't detected by my computer.  

What would be most likely to be the problem, GPU or PSU? How would I fix the problen, of possible?

Also how much would a similar performance AMD style GPU cost? Installing the drivers for this thing has been a pain in the ass on linux
You said your other GPU is working in that slot, with the same PSU, so clearly your GPU is the problem
My other GPU doesn't connect with the PSU on the side
Ok I left everything unplugged overnight and it started working, but when I rebooted it did this?

How do I fix this?
If it cannot be fixed, what is a similar performance GPU card I can get for relly cheap? Preferably AMD style (installing the nVidia drivers on Linux is a pain)