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Full Version: How do I make the notes longer?
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I've been curious as to how people make the notes longer, like you're holding down the piano key? Could someone tell me how to do it? Any help is appreciated :D
Do you mean the note itself or the sound of the instrument? To change the note length there's an option to do that in the bottom left of the sequence creator (It lists values like 1/4, 1/8, 1/16). And you can use javascript to make the note lengths any absurd value you want (I've never done it). See the "Experiments" page to learn about that. As for the sound, like making the instrument play for longer like holding down a piano key, there isn't yet a way to change the speed of the sound. The only "instrument" that plays for longer based on the note length is the 8-bit remix mode.
Press Ctrl+Shift+J, then type in:


Replace the ? with whatever length you want.
Press enter, and there.
It won't make it like you're holding down the piano key however, the onscreen note will appear longer but will sound the same.
I use it mostly for making midi files. It gives slightly higher quality to the songs.
There are probably 10 threads on this same thing.  I think they should just make it more obvious so it dusnt crowd up the forum.
They should make you be able to enter your own custom note length right from the sequencer, without having to use the Javascript console. That would make it a whole lot easier.