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Full Version: What do I act like to you (via gender)
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I am confused If I act like a boy or girl. I'll ask what I act like.
You seem like a man
a dumbass
Thats not very nice
(06-27-2021, 02:52 PM)Jimbo Wrote: [ -> ]a dumbass

I'm not a dumbass. I like your profile BTW.
(06-27-2021, 02:52 PM)Jimbo Wrote: [ -> ]a dumbass

Not cool bro, not sure why you feel the need to be a complete *****ing asshole to everybody but doing it to people like ben is crossing the line.
You seem like a friendly person.
You act like a mom who can't understand modern jokes, but also cares and looks out for everyone in the chat, and you are very nice
you’re a mom don’t hide it, but you are cool i guess.
Gender is a construct. Just be
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