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Season 2:
Episode 1: The One Where They Copy Friends (nari)
Episode 2: The One Where They Get Sued By Warner Bros. Entertainment (nari)
Episode 3: Guns And Dahlias (nari)
Episode 4: A Glass Of Anti-Water; Retaw (hadlee)
Episode 5: Benvision's Cat (Benvisions)
Episode 6: Battery Pills (Benvisoins)
Episode 7-8 (special): The Christmas Carols of Detective (Benvisions and Lordy-Lord)
Episode 9: Mind Over Mansion (nari)
Episode 10: Where's the Kite (hadlee)
Episode 11: Blackout (hadlee)
Episode 12: Front and Back Line (nari)
Episode 13: Reaching the Town (nari)
Episode 14: Chris Hits (hadlee)
Episode 15: First Bang (hadlee)
Episode 16: Fold Reckined (hadlee)
Episode 17: Steel Groups (Benvisions)
Episode 18: Nike Shoes (Benvisions)
Episode 19-20 (special): The Long Mystery of Food (Benvisions, fox, Lopyt)
Season 3:
Episode 1: Dog Days (nari)
Episode 2: Overcoming a masked man (LarryTheMaskMan, hadlee, and Benvisions)
Episode 3-4 (special): Halloween Mystery (fox and nari)
Episode 5: The Creatures in Vortex (Lord-Lordy and Benvisions)
Episode 6: Slavery Mystery (hadlee)
Episode 7: Big Ears (Lopyt)
Episode 8: Aware of the Dog (hadlee)
Episode 9: Seriously Known Work (Vladimirr)
Episode 10: Cross the Line (Benvisions, nari, hadlee, and bentoonie)
Episode 11: Mingo To Trigger (Benvisions)
Episode 12-15 (2-hour special): The Hardest Work Yet (Benvisions, bentoonie, LarryTheMaskMan, nari, and Lord-Lordy)
Episode 16: The Finest Victory (hadlee)
Episode 17-18 (special): Test the Brain (Lopyt, Vladmirr, asdf :], and Lord-Lordy)
Episode 19-20 (special): It's Just Worth All of The Matter (RuleEmpire, KannaKandy, and asdf :])
Season 4:
Episode 1: Nari Eats Chia Seeds, Almost Dies
Episode 2: LarryTheMaskMan, Secret Agent
(Larry, Benv, nari)
Episode 3: BumbleBees
(Hadlee, Fox)
Episode 4: Quinoa Dilemma
(Fox, Larry, Benv)
Episode 5: Chia Seeds Strike Again
(nari, Benv, Hadlee)
Episode 6: Dog Cat Hybrid
(nari, Lopyt, Lordy-Lord)
Episode 7: Viagration
Episode 8: K-Poop
(nari, fox)
Episode 9: Dr. NotStrange
(Vladmirr, bentoonie)
Episode 10: Uncrying Onion
(nari, Larry)
Episode 11: BenLee
(Hadlee, Benv)
Episode 12: Just Salmon.
Episode 13: Beep-Beep Beetle
(Benv, Larry)
Episode 14: Rotary Cellphone
(Benv, Larry, Hadleee, fox, Bentoonie, nari)
Episode 15: QuadMet

Special 16-17: Wall Mart
Special 18-19: Depot of Homes
Special 20 (hour long special): Get Tar
Season 4:
Episode 1: Nari Eats Chia Seeds, Almost Dies (nari)
Episode 2: LarryTheMaskMan, Secret Agent (LarryTheMaskMan, Benvisions, nari)
Episode 3: BumbleBees (hadlee, fox)
Episode 4: Quinoa Dilemma (fox, LarryTheMaskMan, Benvisions)
Episode 5: Chia Seeds Strike Again (nari, Benvisions, hadlee)
Episode 6: Dog Cat Hybrid (nari, Lopyt, Lordy-Lord)
Episode 7: Viagration (fox)
Episode 8: K-Poop (nari, fox)
Episode 9: Dr. NotStrange (Vladmirr, bentoonie)
Episode 10: Uncrying Onion (nari, LarryTheMaskMan)
Episode 11: BenLee (hadlee, Benvisions)
Episode 12: Just Salmon. (nari)
Episode 13: Beep-Beep Beetle (Benvisions, LarryTheMaskMan)
Episode 14: Rotary Cellphone (Benvisions, LarryTheMaskMan, hadlee, fox, bentoonie, nari)
Episode 15: QuadMet (Benvisions)
Episode 16-17 (special): Wall Mart (hadlee, Benvisions, Vladmirr, fox)
Episode 18-19 (special): Depot of Homes (nari, Lopyt, LarryTheMaskMan)
Episode 20 (hour long special): Get Tar (Benvisions, nari, fox, bentoonie, asdf :])
Episode 21: Smart Getaway (Benvisions, nari)
Episode 22: Maria's Opera (bentoonie, LarryTheMaskMan)
Episode 23: What Are The Ben's Doing (Benvisions, bentoonie, nari)
Episode 24 (special): A Christmas Carols of Detective 2 (bentoonie, MeeM, VidsWithD, Benvisions, hadlee, fox, Liam)
Episode 25: New Year of Hope (bentoonie, Benvisions, LarryTheMaskMan)
Episode 26-27 (special): Where Can Mysteries Be Found? (asdf :], Liam, Lopyt, MeeM, VidsWithD, hadlee, nari)
Episode 28: Jack's Remiss (nari, hadlee, Liam)
Episode 29: Cinder Circle (bentoonie, nari, Lopyt)
Episode 30: Freemans Road in Rockland (Lordy-Lord, Vladmirr, Lopyt, Benvisions, bentoonie)
Episode 31: Fast Man (LarryTheMaskMan)
Episode 32: When Dinos Hit The World (Vladmirr, Benvisions)
Episode 33: nari and hadlee Strike Again (nari, hadlee, bentoonie, Liam, Benvisions)
Episode 34: Where's fox? (nari, fox, MeeM, VidsWithD, asdf :])
Episode 35-36 (special): Act Them Out (LarryTheMaskMan, bentoonie, Benvisions, Liam, fox, VidsWithD, MeeM, nari)
Episode 37-40 (2-hour special): The 1000 more clues (Benvisions, LarryTheMaskMan, bentoonie, fox, Liam, asdf :], nari, hadlee, VidsWithD, and MeeM)
Summaries (Not done):
Season 1:
Pilot: Ben needs to find out who made the fort out.
World Record Mystery: Ben finds a person who said that the world record he had was beaten, and Ben needs to solve this mystery.
TV Recorders: Ben finds out that a person cannot find the recorders of the show in the credits. Ben needs to solve the mystery of this.
Monster Riot: Ben needs to discover who started the monster riot after the controversial story.
Warrioration: A lot of people can't find the warrior hero in the episode. Ben has to find it out.
Cross Theft: A group of 100 people said their toys were stolen by theft, Ben has to solve that mystery to find it out who done it.
Mystery of the New Friends: In school, hadlee found out new friends, but said she can't find the names. Ben has to solve this mystery.
Foundation of a New Company: People can't find the founders of the new drink company "Freeman Bru", so Ben helps in.
Three Tricks and a Race: A person does some tricks in a race no one does, but they can't find the name. Ben searches in this mystery.
The Mystery Elbows: There were talks about someone having "sexy elbows". Who could it be? We find it in this episode.
Invention of Language: Someone made a new language called "Cider" but no one knows who invented it.
Money Theft... in a Complicated Way: A person stole everyone's money. So Ben finds this mystery and then the police puts that mystery person in jail.
Foundation of the Nation: They find out a new network nation, but can't find it out?
Hardest Mystery Yet: Everyone cheers on Ben for a hard mystery that no one does ever. It's a mystery about which country invented French Fries.
Dropping Down on The Track: The news said a person fell on a hole on a race track. Ben gets clues to find the person.
Language Inventor: Now this language mystery finds out a harder one that the person invented the "English" language.
The Banana is Missing: A person stole a banana after two photos of before and after. Ben finds it out.
Which Planet Trapped the Kid?: This episode has space mystery. Ben finds out which planet trapped the kid.
Man with The Crazy Kits: Everyone has the same kits, except for one man. Ben finds it out in this episode.
Death Crime: Ben's best friend was killed. Ben finds out who it is. Then, Ben goes to the store to find life dew to save his best friend.

Season 2:
The One Where They Copy Friends: Ben's friends said a person keeps copying them. Ben needs to find it out
The One Where They Get Sued By Warner Bros. Entertainment: A person who copied a movie based on Warner Bros. Ben needs to figure this out.
Guns And Dahlias: A person brought a gun in Dallas, but it is unknown who was it.
A Glass Of Anti-Water; Retaw: The company proved there was water, but it was different. Ben has to solve the mystery.
Benvision's Cat: Ben has a new cat but can't find the right one. He solves a cat mystery.
Battery Pills: People have heard of battery pills, but are unknown who invented them. Ben needs to figure it out.
The Christmas Carols of Detective: For Christmas, Ben needs to find his best friend (hadlee) the perfect gift. (They became boyfriend and girlfriend, instead of best friends, starting the end of this episode)
Mind Over Mansion: A person invented the mansion, but the name is unknown. Ben needs to find that mystery out.
Where's the Kite: A person relocated the kite but to an unknown location. Ben needs to know where it is.
Blackout: Someone reported there was a person with black skin. Ben needs to know who is it.
Front and Back Line: Someone has the same words in their shirt. Ben needs to search for that person.
Reaching the Town: Ben and hadlee reached a new town, but Ben needs to find the name.
Chris Hits: Chris has a song hit. Ben needs to spot it.
First Bang: The story tells that Ben takes a break for today, and hadlee replaces Ben on this journey.
Fold Reckined: Someone recked Ben's airplane. Ben finds who is it.
Steel Groups: There is a group of people that steals things. Ben has to find the name of the group and their names.
Nike Shoes: Ben can't find the first Nike shoes. He needs to find clues for the right shoes.
The Long Mystery of Food: Ben has two missions. 1. Who stole his favorite cheese? 2. Where else we can buy it?

Season 3:
Dog Days: A friend lost a dog and Ben needs to find it.
Overcoming a masked man: Ben found an advertisement for a masked man. Ben needs to find it.
Halloween Mystery: For Halloween, Ben and hadlee need to find the perfect treat that everyone loves and they decorate the house and get the candies ready for children and pre-teens.
The Creatures in Vortex: Children found scary creatures but Ben is required to find the name.
Slavery Mystery: Going back to 12 Years a Slave, Ben needs to find out his name.
Big Ears: Ben needs to find clues of who found big ears. Children found out that not just an elephant has big ears.
Aware of the Dog: Ben needs to find out why dogs can do that people never knew.
Seriously Known Work: Ben needs to work on a mystery which then got famous.
Cross the Line: There's a rule in a park saying not to cross the line. Someone broke that rule, and Ben needs to find out who broke it.
Mingo To Trigger: A school play was performed but there was an accident and Ben needs to solve the mystery.
The Hardest Work Yet: Ben needs to do his three hardest challenges yet.
The Finest Victory: Ben needs to know who won the game.
Test the Brain: Ben needs to use his brain to get this mission.
It's Just Worth All of The Matter: Ben needs to find three bodies in the museum separately.

Season 4:
Nari Eats Chia Seeds, Almost Dies: Someone forces nari to eat chia seeds, bad for the health. Ben needs to 1. Who forced nari to do this and 2. how to make nari feel healthy again.
LarryTheMaskMan, Secret Agent: When coming back to what Ben saw in Season 3, Episode 2, it was revealed that Ben's secret agent is LarryTheMaskMan but needs to find out his real name.
BumbleBees: When coming up for bees, Ben needs to find out who's name is it.
Quinoa Dilemma: Ben needs to come up with a difficult way (that no one did before)
Chia Seeds Strike Again: After nari almost died in Season 4, Episode 1, the chia seeds try to eat someone, Ben has to stop the chia seeds from coming back
Dog Cat Hybrid: As something weird, there is a dog cat hybrid pet, Ben needs to know why.
Viagration: When coming up with a name for a new community, Ben needs to find clues that find out to be.
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