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Full Version: So uhm...
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I'm kinda just begging for any form of support at this point, but I'm still posting this here anyway

So uhm, I recently learned that my grandparents (who have been with me all my life) are in the hospital.

My grandmother fell and broke her hip. She was supposed to get surgery yesterday. At the very least though she sounded happy and hopeful when I called her.
My grandfather is on life support. Illness is taking hold of him, and he says he thinks the end isn't that far away for him.

Long story short, I'm in a really bad place emotionally because of this. Anxiety (which I am not at all known for having) is beginning to develop the more I think about how I may not be able to see them again because death may embrace them before I do.
So I'm going away. I don't know how long for. I'm going to travel to Honshu, where they are being treated, and visit them, to possibly give the last hug and kiss goodbye I will be able to.

Apologies for venting here. Again, at this point, I'm just begging for some form of support.

But ahm, yeah.
I am sorry you're going through this. It was only earlier this year i had to cope with sitting besides my grandmother as she passed away. I hope the absolute best and that they make it out okay.
I hope they get better
I hope they make it out
I hope they feel better.
Oh no, best wishes to you and your family. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
I am hopeful that you and your family can find joy and peace through all of this.
:: hugs ::