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I'm traveling now (in a 14-hour car ride across the country) 

I called the hospital again, and everything seems alright. My grandmother hasn't woken from surgery yet, so I'm told, but she's supposed to wake up later today, so at least I won't have another mental breakdown over that. My grandfather's condition hasn't gotten any better. He sounded happier than he did when I called him last, though.

I've been told that my grandmother's surgery went without problem, but now their dealing with other conditions. She's been found to have a particularly bad respiratory disease (they haven't given me details on that yet), so she's still on life support. They surmise she might not be able to leave the hospital again. It's not good, but at the very least she's not dead.

I also never specified exactly why my grandfather is in. He has a heart disease, apparently the result of an unhealthy lifestyle (eating habits, drinking, etc). At least the hospital is treating him well, though. My grandfather in question has been in particularly high spirits, he's told me. He sounded like it, too.

My ass hurts from sitting in a car, and it's only been 3 hours. My family is switching out drivers, and I'm next. I hope we can swap at a cafe or something so I can just get some coffee. 😓
Any new updates? Are you okay now?