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Full Version: Subtitles for Ton of the Drink 3
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I will be doing the second sequel of Ton of the Drink. It is not produced yet.

But the problem is that I want a subtitle for Ton of the Drink 3 and I didn't pick one yet. I need an idea for a subtitle for the third Ton of the Drink title.

When replying, choose a subtitle for me to use. You can explain that subtitle but it's not recommended.

Lopyt: The Last Drop. The Holy Grail. Fountain Of Youth. Not a Drop to Drink. A Storm is Brewing. I'm so Wet. Muddy Waters. Gone Down the Drain. Drunken Sailor. French Press. Elixer of Life. Powerful Potions. Floods. Drag The Waters.
cosmicPython: Golden Soda. The Wetting. Gettin’ Tipsy.
Marysamet: The Final Sip.
Benvisions: 5 Drinks. The Orange Juice Battle. Benvisions vs. the World.
nari: (Not) Alc'ol Free. 69,420 Gallons.
Bacon_Lover123456: The Bartender.
Lordy-Lord: The car accident. The divorce. Court. Pleaded guilty. The 6 year sentence. The Job interview. Debt. Depression
Wet Dreams that one is taken by TotD2.

Golden Soda
(07-26-2021, 10:38 AM)cosmicPython Wrote: [ -> ]Wet Dreams

Wet Dreams was my TotD2 subtitle.
The Last Drop
The Wettening
The Final Sip
5 Drinks
Gettin’ Tipsy
(Not) Alc'ol Free
The Orange Juice Battle
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