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Full Version: New Member Here
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Hi everyone! My name is.. well, it's already shown but I'll still say it. My name is Aquaticshells, you can just call me Aquashell or Aqua for short. I'm a newbie and this is also my first time being here! I know it's only been a little time since I've been here, but I can already tell I'm going to be having fun creating some (short) sequences here for a while, but if I'm not lazy at the moment, I could create longer sequences here too! Unfortunately, I don't think I might be doing these very often, since coming out with my own melodies in head is kind of hard, but it's nice to meet you all!
Hi! Welxome to OS! Please be sure to read the LucentTear guide! Also,melody making tip: hum something first, then put it in the sequemcer. Also rhythm is really important!