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Full Version: Deep but not profound
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Here's a word game that I love playing.

Here's the rules:

1. Do not post the secret to the game. The fun is in watching members guess what the secret is.

2. If you figure out the secret, do not post what the secret is, just play along.

3. Have fun and don't get frustrated.

Here's how we play:

I say a phrase like

"Deep, but not profound"
"Green, but not blue"
"Bell, but not chime"
"Better, but not best"

If you know what the secret is, you can tell them "yes" or "no" depending on if they're right or not, then post your own phrase.

If you don't know the secret, you can give it a try anyway. Myself or someone else who knows the secret will tell everyone above them who hasn't been replied to "yes" or "no."
large and mighty
Towering and small
Small to large
Can tell time
Not quite
I will start
Friend but not enemy.
Wall but not house.
I think yes.

Here's my guess at it:

Feel, but not touch.
foot but not arm
I think a lot of people also like to play like this. I also often play Poppy Playtime for Android.
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