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Full Version: How do I structure a story?
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I have this cool plot but I don't know how to expand it into a story
using a keyboard, probably
pencil and paper if you're into that
I'm the same way lopyt. I like to think of stories/plots but i can't figure out all the nitty gritty little details like sub-plots and character development and dramatic irony and conflict and resolution and climax and whatever else.
(09-25-2021, 10:30 AM)Mr_Magicman2 Wrote: [ -> ]

Why do I need an account for that?
Idk about that either. Well, here's a video explaining what it is at least. If you're serious about writing, maybe it would be cool to try, but I'd never heard of it till now.
I just make the other little details in my mind using imagination, and understanding what the plot really is about, and I think it turns out well. ^_^
I was writing a concept album so I need to structure it into 8 or 9 specific parts, I am not good at that yet
(09-24-2021, 08:12 PM)Lopyt Wrote: [ -> ]I have this cool plot but I don't know how to expand it into a story

Whenever I get a story idea, I create a google doc to go into detail with plot summary (start with simple, then a more detailed one later), characters (looks, personality, strengths/weaknesses, etc.), and chapter planning. For chapter planning, I basically put something like "B1, C1 - <basic desc>", in which 'B' is book and 'C' is chapter, and the description would be like an individual summary of the chapter itself (kinda similar to the plot summary). Eventually when I feel ready to start writing, I'd begin draft one on a new google doc and write it out, then eventually get to draft two or final version where you rewrite certain parts that may have seemed rocky to the beta readers Smile
Thanks Cel, also use LibreOffice or OpenOffice
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