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Full Version: What Would You Do?
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Imagine. It's 2021 and everything is peaceful, you're in class, you completed your work early, so you type in the link for Online Sequencer. You wait for it to load and you see the web address pop up until you see these words.

Oops, is blocked because it's categorized as .forums

Almost audibly screaming, you try to hide your sadness and anguish from the rest of class. The site you loved is gone.

So tell me. What would YOU do?
I would actually punch my chromebook (or more likely I would slam it shut
Get up, and walk home without saying a word.
You shouldn't be using OS in school, some of the discussions had are rather unsavoury and the sound of your reverbed electric piano megaIovania may irritate others in the room
I do think forums can be a good source of information sometimes, particularily in tests regarding public opinions.

I've also got a lot of tech support from forums. Way more reliable than phone calls with 40min wait times to people who don't know what they are doing
Me I would just sit there and find a way past the block cause there are always loopholes am I right?
That's very hard.
To avoid internet censorship try a proxy, VPN, or TOR. TOR is best for your privacy of the three. I also would recommend i2p but I really don't know enough about it yet to recommend it
I would look at the blocked thing, sigh, close my laptop, then go on a 5 mile run thinking about dark thoughts.
(09-30-2021, 10:57 AM)Benvisions Wrote: [ -> ]That's very hard.