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Full Version: Flat Notes
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is there a way to have flat notes in your sequences
Okay? Wouldn't a B-flat be equal to a C-sharp? I thought flat notes were pretty much the same thing as sharp notes... Or maybe, I'm being a complete idiot with no sheet-music knowledge.
They are the same thing. But if you are transcribing from other music sheets and it uses flats that might be easier.
A sharp note is the same as a flat note. "b" flat is the same as "a" sharp, "f" sharp is the same as "g" flat and so on.
There's a slightly difference, but you can distinguish better in non-tempered instruments. The difference is a comma, which is a small interval within a tone and another, smaller than a semi-tone. In tempered instruments, the comma is in the same position between the tones, but in non-tempered instruments they are a comma apart. The only ones that really can percept these variations are great musicians, i'm not one of them.