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Hello! Post compliments about any user! No spam, no hate. We are all humans - you are loved. 

To everyone out there, you are loved, you were created by love, you are meant to share love.
I compliment Jacob_ because he is the father of this site

Without him I wouldn't really be making music and my life would seem dull
(10-04-2021, 06:28 PM)trapbeat349 Wrote: [ -> ]I compliment Jacob_ because he is the father of this site

Yes, I agree.
Jacob_, perhaps without even willing knowing it, may have been the reason that so many random strangers were able to come together and create a wonderful, wholesome, uh, decent community (all jokes aside).
We owe everything to Jacob_.
Thank you, Jacob_.
I want to compliment lopyt - he is someone who is always ready to teach and help someone. He is selfless and holds no grudge against whoever he encounters. He has helped me with mixing and continues to do so. Thank you lopyt
Tibbinator is the king of 8-bit, no questions about it
I thank marysamat for creating this, although I can't think of anybody else who was nice to me...
I thank whataremix and hadlee for being good friends to me and especially whataremix for inspiring me and helping to launch my music on this website. i owe it all to him.
This might be more of a "thanks" than a compliment, but shout out to God's Musician and CtrlKey.
They're the two people I that I actually feel really get me on this site. I almost feel like they're my best friends at the moment, and that's great since I don't exactly have any "friends" in real life right now. (I like being around people, but not many people like being around me. That's just the way it is.) They're also really gud musicians too so there's that.

I'm not depressed, I swear I'm not.
I compliment hadlee because she is immensely based
ppuzz smells like grape juice :D
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