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Full Version: Moderator Timeline
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Here is a timeline for the current and past moderators of Online Sequencer
I hope you enjoy

Online Sequencer opens to the public
Jacob_ is the creator of the site and the first moderator

November - Paraspider registers an account
December - Jacob_ requests moderators due to spam
December - Jay2k becomes the first moderator
December - Paraspider becomes a moderator 

May - cork registers an account
After October - cork becomes a moderator
November - JamieJS registers an account
December - LucentTear registers an account

February - LucentTear becomes a moderator
May - Void registers an account
After December - Kirbyderp becomes a moderator

2017 - Crimson becomes a moderator
March - Benjobanjo7 registers an account
March - Crimson registers an account
June - fox registers an account
September - Alex! registers an account
Late 2017 - Crimson becomes a moderator

Early 2018 - Crimson becomes a moderator
2018 - Jay2k is purged
October - CaptainPresto registers an account
Around February - Benjobanjo7 becomes a moderator
February - fox becomes a moderator

2019 - Crimson steps down from the mod team
2019 - Void becomes a moderator
November - Alex! becomes a moderator

July - BenjoBanjo becomes a moderator
November - LarryTheMaskMan registers an account
November - Liam registers an account

May - CaptainPresto becomes a moderator
March - Void loses his moderator position
March - Alex! formally resigns from the moderator team
March - cork is banned and removed from the moderator team
June - LarryTheMaskMan becomes a moderator
July - JamieJS becomes a moderator
September - JamieJS retires as a moderator

To add:
What month and year did Jay2k register an account?

Please let me know if I need to add anything, thank you.
I forgot benjo!!! D:
I became mod 07/10/2020
I became mod 02/26/2016.
I became a mod on 3/12/2185
You forgot Void, Crimson, Liam and Jamie

I think you should also note resignations and the times mods have quit such as when Jay dissapeared or when cork got banned amongst many other instances of mods quitting
this is factually incorrect. i became a mod in november 2019 and resigned march 2021
rip alez
make a timeline of os that covers everything (eepic era?)
jamiejs was mod for a bit btw
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